30x30 Workshop
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To All 30 x 30 Workshop Participants:

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the 30 x 30 Workshop in Washington DC on August 1st and 2nd – especially on such short notice. Nearly 200 participants, representing all aspects of the biofuels industries, came together to discuss strategies on how to meet the biomass related targets set forth in the President’s Advance Energy Initiative (AEI).

We will be posting the notes from each breakout session on this website for your review and comments. The notes from the breakout sessions will be used to draft a workshop report, which will also be posted for your review and comment in the coming weeks.

The input you provided us with is valuable information that will be used by the Office of Biomass Programs to develop its strategic "30 x 30" plan. This plan will outline the analysis, RD&D, infrastructure, and policy needed to address the barriers to meeting our AEI goals. Additionally, your input will be incorporated into a "Posture Plan" being developed to bring together all the Federal agencies with biomass related work in order to understand the breadth of biomass investments being made by government and attempt to align these investments toward supporting the AEI goals.

Thank you for your participation and contribution to the success of the workshop. If you have any questions or further comments, please contact Melissa Klembara at 202-586-0031 or Melissa.klembara@ee.doe.gov.


                                Douglas E. Kaempf
                                Program Manager
                                Office of the Biomass Program
                                Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
                                U.S. Department of Energy

Please take the time to complete and return the survey below to Melissa Klembara, at Melissa.Klembara@ee.doe.gov.

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